Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bucket List

Bucket list time. Hmm...learn to surf, check; ride a motorbike, check; conduct an orchestra...still a bit to do on that; work in the sex industry - hey, that's this blog!

I figure I'm too gnarly to star in a porn film, even though my girlfriend says I have a big dick. Wait! Or was it that I am a big dick? Whatever! Anyway, I reckon that if people like my stories enough, I can tick this one off too. Otherwise, I'm just going to have make the film after all.

Imagine what fun I can have from now on when people ask me what I do. Now I can reply with a straight face that I work in the sex industry and watch them try not to splurt their coffee all over the room. I may even get banned from the vicar's tea party.

I write erotically themed hypnotism and mind control stories. My first is published today! I try to write humourous stories, often with a twist, so if your humour is on the same wavelength as mine I'm sure you will enjoy them. If that interests you then check out my work on my website. If not, well, back to Fifty Shades of Grey for you.

The Persuader


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