Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Waitress Service...and got my first comment spam!

Waitress Service should be published very soon now, so keep checking back for the release date. Many thanks for those who helped with the English-Chinese translations for rascally old Mr. Wu. I'm hoping to get an extract printed on another blog site where I will also post money-off coupon codes, so make sure to check here for details before you buy.

In other news, my blog is now so popular the spammers are here! Hello 'Tom Watson'. Sorry about your huge stomach and the weight loss plan that got rid of it, but you have now been consigned to the digital abyss.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Creative Juices

Sometimes when the creative juices flow, you just have to go with them. I'm not sure I would be so churlish as to complain that I'm having too much of a good thing, but I do have eight stories on the go at the moment.

Let me explain a bit about how I write. I like to get a skeleton outline down first, and then expand that into a first draft. At that point, I don’t worry too much about spelling, grammar, or anything apart from getting the words out of my head and onto the (electronic) paper. Sometimes I write, sometimes I type, sometimes I use a stylus and sometimes I dictate; the method I use depends on where I am and what I have to hand. Then I’ll go through the draft tidying up, and also checking the plot (such as it is) and looking for places where I still need to expand on the skeleton. I might still have a few sentences like [write tit-fucking scene here] or [more on why she is on the train] which need fleshing out.

After this process, it’s now a 'real first draft’, with the whole story down, and most spelling and grammar corrected. I then set the story aside for a while, because at that point I can stand it any more.
Later, (sometimes much later), I’ll read it right through again seeing how it hangs together, and correcting those minor glitches I missed last time. At this point, I often have some more ideas where I want to expand the plot, add some more scenes, and generally mess with the story. Sometimes it even becomes a completely different story, or I’ll have some ideas that mean I need to mess with the timings, move some scenes around and generally cause mayhem. That will always introduce a few plot errors, so I’ll need to put the story aside again, and wait once more for the next re-read.

Eventually I feel happy with it as it is and don’t want to change it any more. I’ll then read it through a few more times, and then finally, publish. Creating the book cover takes an hour or so, mostly finding the right cover photo, and publishing usually takes half a day, what with all the formatting and other requirements. I publish as a dummy book first, costing $100 - but hey, feel free to buy if you want a sneak preview an hour ahead of everyone else! I download that to my own Kindle and do a final formatting check. After that, I publish for real, going out on Smashwords first, because that is easiest, and then Amazon second.

From first word to publishing all takes quite a time, as you can imagine, but it can take even longer if I suddenly get another idea for a story. When that happens, I try and get the skeleton plot down as quickly as possible, in case I forget. Usually I’ll get carried away and go further, getting the story down as much as I can. Before I know it, the whole day can be gone, with the story I was working on forgotten for the time being.

Anyway, all of that is the reason I haven’t released anything for a while, but instead have eight stories on the go. Coming soon...three more NanoPanty stories (The Wrong Panties, Tales from Tech Support, Cum Gum), a revenge story (Demon Sacrifice), another demon story (The Pact), a mind control story (Milf Town), a sci-fi story (ha ha, I’ll probably use a different pen name for that one), and a mind control voodoo doll story (Waitress Service).

Watch this space!

Oh and if you have a preference for the one you would like to read next, drop me a comment or send me an email - me@the-persuader.com.