Friday, 18 January 2013

Creative Juices

Sometimes when the creative juices flow, you just have to go with them. I'm not sure I would be so churlish as to complain that I'm having too much of a good thing, but I do have eight stories on the go at the moment.

Let me explain a bit about how I write. I like to get a skeleton outline down first, and then expand that into a first draft. At that point, I don’t worry too much about spelling, grammar, or anything apart from getting the words out of my head and onto the (electronic) paper. Sometimes I write, sometimes I type, sometimes I use a stylus and sometimes I dictate; the method I use depends on where I am and what I have to hand. Then I’ll go through the draft tidying up, and also checking the plot (such as it is) and looking for places where I still need to expand on the skeleton. I might still have a few sentences like [write tit-fucking scene here] or [more on why she is on the train] which need fleshing out.

After this process, it’s now a 'real first draft’, with the whole story down, and most spelling and grammar corrected. I then set the story aside for a while, because at that point I can stand it any more.
Later, (sometimes much later), I’ll read it right through again seeing how it hangs together, and correcting those minor glitches I missed last time. At this point, I often have some more ideas where I want to expand the plot, add some more scenes, and generally mess with the story. Sometimes it even becomes a completely different story, or I’ll have some ideas that mean I need to mess with the timings, move some scenes around and generally cause mayhem. That will always introduce a few plot errors, so I’ll need to put the story aside again, and wait once more for the next re-read.

Eventually I feel happy with it as it is and don’t want to change it any more. I’ll then read it through a few more times, and then finally, publish. Creating the book cover takes an hour or so, mostly finding the right cover photo, and publishing usually takes half a day, what with all the formatting and other requirements. I publish as a dummy book first, costing $100 - but hey, feel free to buy if you want a sneak preview an hour ahead of everyone else! I download that to my own Kindle and do a final formatting check. After that, I publish for real, going out on Smashwords first, because that is easiest, and then Amazon second.

From first word to publishing all takes quite a time, as you can imagine, but it can take even longer if I suddenly get another idea for a story. When that happens, I try and get the skeleton plot down as quickly as possible, in case I forget. Usually I’ll get carried away and go further, getting the story down as much as I can. Before I know it, the whole day can be gone, with the story I was working on forgotten for the time being.

Anyway, all of that is the reason I haven’t released anything for a while, but instead have eight stories on the go. Coming soon...three more NanoPanty stories (The Wrong Panties, Tales from Tech Support, Cum Gum), a revenge story (Demon Sacrifice), another demon story (The Pact), a mind control story (Milf Town), a sci-fi story (ha ha, I’ll probably use a different pen name for that one), and a mind control voodoo doll story (Waitress Service).

Watch this space!

Oh and if you have a preference for the one you would like to read next, drop me a comment or send me an email -

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