Saturday, 6 October 2012

Some more firsts

I got my first book review! I was so excited to get the notification; then I got worried. Would it be a nice review, or a nasty review? I was on a train at the time so I had to wait over an hour before I could get a fast enough connection to actually read it. I needn't have worried.

"It's hot and definitely worth a read" 5 stars
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mikey Lee Ray, whoever you are (you're not even a relative!)

Then I got some reviews for some of my other stories. Some didn't set ratings, but they were all nice.

"I really liked this story. Well written with skill and humour. The Persuader knows how to use words."

"Quite an amusing story. Where can I get some of these panties."

That was for NanoPanties, of course.

It turned out to be quite a day. I had my first book hit over 100 downloads, then my second book as well. When I woke up next morning, the third was over 100 too. Those were all my free books. I also hit my target of selling enough books to buy a coronation chicken baguette. That's all my targets hit now!

Woohoo! I will have to set some more. The next targets are for a story to hit 1000 downloads and also to get a comment on this blog. I have two stories due for publishing on 12 October so I will have to see what happens then.

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