Friday, 29 March 2013

My first rejection letter!

As a self-published author I don't normally have to deal with rejection, because my publisher (me) always agrees with my author (me) as to when a piece is ready for release to the big wide world. That all changed recently when I submitted a piece for an erotic blog. I received a very nice reply, politely rejecting it. OMG! How do all other authors cope?

I went to a session at a literary festival this month where the speaker talked about the vast amount of rejection letters authors get, even well-known and successful ones. I seriously doubt I could cope with that amount of negativity on a regular basis! If I stopped self-publishing I think I would have to get someone to do that for me, and just give me summaries.

"Hi there Mr Persuader. You got rejected 43 times last month, but there is some interest in the story of the cheerleader and the firemen by a few publishers. Woman's Knitting Weekly will take the tale of the couple stranded in the ski chalet, but only if you add another woman to make it a threesome; they wondered about a goat as well to spice things up. Playboy will buy the deflowering of the Elizabethan heiress, but only if you take out all the sex and just make it a historical piece. Oh, and Piers Morgan wants you on his show again. Apparently ratings double whenever you are on."

Oh well, we can all dream.

Anyway, after a few hours of depression I finally got over it and am ready to try again. I took all the points to heart and now am ready for a second try. Fingers crossed they like this one!

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