Friday, 1 March 2013

New story - Forfeits

Helen was reluctant to while away a boring train journey by playing cards for forfeits with two strangers. When she realized they were dumb yokels with a pile of money she changed her mind and decided to take them for everything they had, even though her forfeit was to remove an item of clothing for every hand she lost. After all, she could stop whenever she wanted to, couldn't she? But as the pile of money in front of her increased and the amount she was wearing decreased, she found it harder and harder to stop. No matter. The two idiots were so boneheaded they would never notice if she marked the cards a little. There was no need to stop playing just because she was down to her underwear…especially if she couldn't lose.

Only when she had her mouth wrapped round the biggest cock she had seen in her life did she discover it never pays to cheat when you are playing cards with gods.

Warning. This book contains adult content including scenes of gradual stripping, mind control, oral sex, sex on a train, 2M-1F sex, cum swallowing, huge cock sex and gradual sluttification.


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